Nemo Photos

Photos taken the on Saturday, February 9th 2013, the morning after the cutely-named massive snowstorm “Nemo” in New Haven, CT. Click the image for a larger view. All photos: Justin Haaheim ?Leave a comment below or like/tweet/+1 to the left.

Full gallery with a few more photos here.


3 responses to “Nemo Photos”

  1. 1st dog one the best. Nice photos Justin!

  2. Oh, the leaping people, too — fantastic!!

  3. Adele mcNamara Avatar
    Adele mcNamara

    Loved seeing the old ‘Goatville’ neighborhood. We lived on Canner just down from Anderson. My mother-in-law lived right around the corner from Canner on Anderson. No snow here in San Antonio, in fact no rain either, send us some!

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