Movement Building with Radiohead

In the last three weeks I’ve been in New Haven, Boston, New York, Newark, DC, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Manchester TN, Chicago, Tinley Park IL, Detroit, Philly, Montreal, Toronto, New York and New Haven. I supported 187 incredible volunteers who talked with over 2,200 people through all sorts of creative tactics. I got to introduce my whole family to Thom Yorke, talk drums with Clive Deamer and Phil Selway, and share a glass of bourbon with Colin Greenwood. I met Flea, Daniel Snaith, and the folks from Rubblebucket. I made some incredible friends. I lost one. I’m feeling exhausted, and also a bit restored. And eleven Radiohead concerts later I’m feeling like the climate movement may be a bit bigger and stronger for the work we’ve done.

So incredibly grateful.

See my post about what movement building is like on tour with Radiohead at Movement Building with Radiohead

Our volunteers in Newark 6/1/12


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