How to Record Skype Calls for Free on a Mac

JustinComputer26 Comments

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to record Skype calls for free on a Mac, which worked for me on OS X 10.8.4. FYI, it may be illegal to do so in your area without notifying the other parties. The basic issue is you need to mix both the OUTPUT from skype and the INPUT from your microphone and send … Read More

Fixing GTasker

JustinGeneral16 Comments

Update 1/29/13: GTasker seems to be working for me now both in Safari and Chrome. It is working for you? Leave a comment below. Lots of folks have been using a version of GTasker I reposted after the original went down. GTasker a tool to display multiple Google Tasks windows side by side, but now it seems to be non-functional. … Read More

A fix for OS X if your mds or mdworker processes are running wild

JustinGeneral12 Comments

Just ran into this fix from Sebastian Shack if your mac has a lot of processor activity that you can’t track down/stop. ?The problem is that the “mds” and “mdworker” processes (which control and index your hard drive for Spotlight searches) get stuck consistently using ~100% CPU time (on a quad core, that’s out of 400%). ?In this case, the … Read More