A fix for OS X if your mds or mdworker processes are running wild

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Just ran into this fix from Sebastian Shack if your mac has a lot of processor activity that you can’t track down/stop. ?The problem is that the “mds” and “mdworker” processes (which control and index your hard drive for Spotlight searches) get stuck consistently using ~100% CPU time (on a quad core, that’s out of 400%). ?In this case, the … Read More

Civil Disobedience, by Mollee Francisco

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From the Chaska Herald, September 16, 2011. Full story here. Gary and Nancy Haaheim knew it was only a matter of time before their son Justin was arrested. When it finally happened on Aug. 31, they marked the occasion by sending out a press release. ?Honestly, I couldn?t be prouder,? said mom Nancy in a phone interview. Nancy?s reaction might … Read More

Risking arrest to stop the Keystone XL pipeline

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Update on August 31st 2011, 8pm: I was arrested today with passionate supporters all around, alongside supportive and inspiring friends and colleagues, and was released from jail only to find a truly humbling outpouring of support from you all by email, phone and FB. Thank you. Please help me continue to spread the word. Friends, family and colleagues, Tomorrow (8/31) … Read More