New Year Newsletter: Doing What I Love

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Friends and family, Happy new year! This last year has been an incredible one — beyond anything I could’ve imagined when it started. I’m brimming with gratitude for all of it, and especially for your presence in my life and the ways you’ve been part of my adventures this last year. It was a year of doing what I love, … Read More

A Climate Leadership Fundraiser Update


Fundraising team, It’s been an incredible five months since the moment we soared past $7000, the goal for the Climate Leadership Fundraiser. In this season of gratitude and with some big things afoot, I wanted to write to share my thanks for what you’ve made possible and give you a quick update. Days after the end of the fundraiser on … Read More

Focusing, Transitioning and Launching

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Friends, Family and Supporters, It’s time. On Friday, October 4th 2013 I’m officially launching a coaching and training project to build thriving, powerful movements for social change. It’s a project that has grown out of years of doing climate organizing and seeing ever more clearly what our social movements really need that I have to give. This last week I’ve been wrapping … Read More

Dr. King’s Question To Today’s Social Movements

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Dr. King’s words have been echoing through me for the last few days: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” There’s a prophetic, universal truth in those words that makes them so powerful — the truth that we are faced with a choice, in every moment, of … Read More

Nonviolence, Coherence and Building Social Movements

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Nonviolent action is more than a tactic, more than a strategy. It grows out of a way of seeing the world that is coherent with who we really are. It sees that at the heart of conflict are real people with goals and dreams and a desire to make a difference. It sees that the violence and oppression and subjugation … Read More

Justin’s 2012 Holiday Newsletter

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Friends and Family, Happy holidays! As this year has drawn to a close I am full of gratitude to have friends and loved ones like you all around me and to have had such sweet support from you this year. First and foremost in this time of celebrating and marking important things about this last year, I want you to … Read More

Organizing, dark times, and the need for support

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I’m raising money to attend an important training at the end of this week, and I need your help!  Can you make a donation? Most of you know that I’ve dedicated my life over the last three and a half years to community organizing — bringing people together to train and empower them, to organize groups and actions, and to … Read More

Movement Building with Radiohead

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In the last three weeks I’ve been in New Haven, Boston, New York, Newark, DC, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Manchester TN, Chicago, Tinley Park IL, Detroit, Philly, Montreal, Toronto, New York and New Haven. I supported 187 incredible volunteers who talked with over 2,200 people through all sorts of creative tactics. I got to introduce my whole family to Thom Yorke, talk … Read More