Justin’s 2012 Holiday Newsletter

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Friends and Family, Happy holidays! As this year has drawn to a close I am full of gratitude to have friends and loved ones like you all around me and to have had such sweet support from you this year. First and foremost in this time of celebrating and marking important things about this last year, I want you to … Read More

Going on tour with Radiohead!

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I’m going on tour with Radiohead! (this is actually true) So it turns out that Radiohead loves 350.org and asked us to come along on their US and Canadian tour to rock their concerts and do some movement building. I made the decision last month to step back from most of my commitments and take care of myself facing some … Read More

David, Goliath and James Hansen

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TED Talk: James Hansen: Why I must speak out about climate change http://bit.ly/y8WbzT Hansen is in fine form, endearingly awkward, and nails the science and the outline of what our response must be. But I think he skips past the most relevant and most demoralizing part of all of this (see 17m15s), which is this question: why is it that with … Read More

Where’s Jesus? Oh, he’s breaking into Duarte Square with #ows.

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The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Rev Katharine Jefferts Schori, and the Bishop of NYC, Rev Mark Sisk, just released the following statement (abbreviated below, full version here, and pasted far below) concerning the increasing pressure from #occupywallstreet to make Duarte Square available to the protestors: December 16, 2011 As many of you know, Trinity Wall Street is being challenged … Read More

Loving the Life I Live

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Loving the life I live. Living the life I love. Overwhelmed with energy and passion, people and hope. John Helmiere‘s story today of violence at the hands of Seattle police is frightening, but his resilience and thoughtful response is nothing short of extraordinary. Colleen Kelly Alexander, who was badly wounded when she was hit by a truck on her bike, has … Read More

John is beaten by Seattle Police, and a commitment to nonviolent action

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Before today I would have said my feelings about Wall st corruption, economic injustice and the police’s repeated violations of our Constitutionally-guaranteed rights to speak out and assemble hovered around moral outrage. Getting word this morning that John Helmiere, a dear friend and one of the most disciplined, thoughtful advocates for justice that I know, was senselessly beaten and jailed … Read More

Risking arrest to stop the Keystone XL pipeline

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Update on August 31st 2011, 8pm: I was arrested today with passionate supporters all around, alongside supportive and inspiring friends and colleagues, and was released from jail only to find a truly humbling outpouring of support from you all by email, phone and FB. Thank you. Please help me continue to spread the word. Friends, family and colleagues, Tomorrow (8/31) … Read More