A Rap, a Poem and the Last Four Days of a Fundraiser


When my brother Andrew pledged on June 11th to write a rap for my Climate Leadership Fundraiser if 20 people donated in 6 days, I wasn’t sure if we’d make it, and I definitely did not know what we were in store for. But you all came through, and $1500 and 26 donors later… behold: Climateheim: The Official Rap of the Climate … Read More

Whoa, we’re halfway there! Contribute in the next six days for an Andrew Haaheim original compositon!


When I set this goal to raise $7000 by July 1st for my Climate Leadership Fundraiser back in early May, I couldn’t have imagined how sweet it would be to have friends and colleagues and professors and fellow organizers and family members surrounding this whole project and saying yes to being part of one of the biggest, most exciting dreams I’ve had. Stepping … Read More

On Support

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One of the most important things I’ve learned about support: Listen. Listen actively. Listen deeply. Listen even when there’s silence. Listen even when there are questions. Listen because you see that beyond the worries, beyond the upset, beyond the resignation or anger is an incredible person who has their own answers. They don’t need fixing. They don’t need figuring out. … Read More

Fixing GTasker

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Update 1/29/13: GTasker seems to be working for me now both in Safari and Chrome. It is working for you? Leave a comment below. Lots of folks have been using a version of GTasker I reposted after the original went down. GTasker a tool to display multiple Google Tasks windows side by side, but now it seems to be non-functional. … Read More

Justin’s 2012 Holiday Newsletter

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Friends and Family, Happy holidays! As this year has drawn to a close I am full of gratitude to have friends and loved ones like you all around me and to have had such sweet support from you this year. First and foremost in this time of celebrating and marking important things about this last year, I want you to … Read More

David Foster Wallace on Life and Work

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“It just depends on what you want to consider. If you’re automatically sure that you know what reality is and who and what is really important — if you want to operate on your default-setting — then you, like me, will not consider possibilities that aren’t pointless and annoying. But if you’ve really learned how to think, how to pay … Read More

Organizing, dark times, and the need for support

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I’m raising money to attend an important training at the end of this week, and I need your help!  Can you make a donation? Most of you know that I’ve dedicated my life over the last three and a half years to community organizing — bringing people together to train and empower them, to organize groups and actions, and to … Read More

Movement Building with Radiohead

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In the last three weeks I’ve been in New Haven, Boston, New York, Newark, DC, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Manchester TN, Chicago, Tinley Park IL, Detroit, Philly, Montreal, Toronto, New York and New Haven. I supported 187 incredible volunteers who talked with over 2,200 people through all sorts of creative tactics. I got to introduce my whole family to Thom Yorke, talk … Read More

Going on tour with Radiohead!

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I’m going on tour with Radiohead! (this is actually true) So it turns out that Radiohead loves 350.org and asked us to come along on their US and Canadian tour to rock their concerts and do some movement building. I made the decision last month to step back from most of my commitments and take care of myself facing some … Read More