Focusing, Transitioning and Launching

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Friends, Family and Supporters,

It’s time. On Friday, October 4th 2013 I’m officially launching a coaching and training project to build thriving, powerful movements for social change.

It’s a project that has grown out of years of doing climate organizing and seeing ever more clearly what our social movements really need that I have to give. This last week I’ve been wrapping up over two years of work at Clean Water Action filled with gratitude, celebrating relationships and successes with my colleagues and the groups I’ve been supporting. Starting on Friday, I’m moving the part-time coaching and facilitation work I’ve been doing to full-time. It’s part of my vision to bring sharp focus to my contributions as a movement builder, and to free up more of my energy to play music, go hiking, and enjoy the sweetness of life with friends and family.

Why facilitation and coaching? Those of us working for social change are up against some immense challenges and difficult odds, and the result is often insanely long hours, stress, struggle and burnout. Facilitation is all about building groups, building relationships and empowering leaders with the tools and skills to make social change. It’s about helping groups and organizations build power to overcome those odds, confront those challenges and win victories. I’ve been doing that with, Dwight Hall at Yale, Better Future Project and the New England Grassroots Environment Fund, and with my launch I’ll be devoting more energy to supporting and training groups and organizers across the country with and lots others.

Coaching is about supporting those leaders to thrive — to bring greater clarity and focus to the work they do, to consistently reach their goals with ease, to go bigger than they’ve ever gone before, to respond to the challenges of organizing against the world’s most powerful opponents with courage and creativity, and to empower those around them to do the same. In May and June I ran a fundraiser to raise $7000 to officially launch my coaching practice and complete the coach training I began in August 2012. We rocketed past that goal (raising almost $8000), and since then it’s been a whole lot of building and preparing to get to this moment. I’ve now got an inspiring set of clients, and more and more are signing up every week. For more on coaching, check out my coaching page or get in touch.

This is a sweet moment for me. I’m really grateful for Roger Smith, my friend, mentor and supervisor at Clean Water — I’ve learned so much from him. I’m grateful for my colleagues at Clean Water, at other groups and organizations around the state, and for all the brilliant, dedicated volunteers, leaders and activists I’ve gotten to work with. Thank you all for an inspiring two years.

And I’m grateful for everyone that’s supported me and made this launch possible — my friends, my family, everyone who contributed to my fundraiser, my mentors, fellow organizers, fellow coaches and lots more.



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